An Open Letter To Amazon

 Good day I am Wadï Mami a computer science engineer ENSI 2000 NSCS National School of computer sciences. I wrote an open source book "How Would I Teach Chess To Kids about 9" I got more than 500 reads on ResearchGate please visit I published my Book on Amazon but it was not a success and I strongly believe that it deserves to be a Best seller. Here links to it It is more than a book about chess a funny unusual book anyone who reads it will read it at least twice. What I suggest is  a platform, an #amazon platform, for Indie Authors unknown authors Who are already on Amazon but for Marketing reasons their books not sold yet or d

Me and Feynman

                           Photons have mass m and speed v varying according to light                                                                     frequency f                                                               Author :Wadï Mami                                                                   Date:03/12/2021                                     Email : / Abstract : debate, Feynman was strictly a particle man: We know that light is made of particles because we can take a very sensitive instrument that makes clicks when light shines on it, and if the light gets dimmer, the clicks remain just as loud — there are just fewer of them. Thus light is something like raindrops — each little lump of light is called a photon... You might wonder how it is possible to detect a single photon. One instrument that can do this is called a photomultiplier... You might say that it's just the photomultiplier that detects light as particles, but

2 Duo Projects to Eric Clapton

 I share with you my ideas to Eric Clapton maybe he will hear about them  the first one is a duo with the defunt Wadï Safi hologramme singing his well known song Layla Then came Eric with his Layla Unplugged version and Then Layla Speed One -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second project is duo with defunt Hattab hologramme Then Eric sing the following  the Five who followed his path And the Angel of death must them follow They followed the leader of that bitter fight  the must known el Daghbagi   // must = well in old English and continue with tears in Heaven Lyrics By modifying I by he  Would you know his name? If he saw you in heaven Would it be the same? If he saw you in heaven he must be strong And carry on 'Cause he knows he don't belong He

Learning Languages by Keyboards and Text To Speech

I deployed today The Learning Languages by Keyboards and Text To Speech prototype App under MIT  License at the following Link  Enjoy it but you should read the following  article to know how it works before -- Minds, like parachutes, function best when open. ,,,            (o o)  / --------oOO--(_)--OOo--------------------\  | Wadï Mami didipostman  | Github :  | e-mail : /  | Twitter : @MamiWad3 | \----------------------------------------/               | |  | \---------------/ \------------------------/

The Solution for Shutdown security Threat

  I share with you my malware concept fearing law persecutions the idea is invoking shutdown command on Windows Startup please visit the solution for this issue is to scrutnize Windows startup folder for malicious malware and delete them Or a patch for all Windows versions disabling shutdown execution on startup Windows. There is some shareware that solves the problem like Startup Folder Guard v1.1 Or                                                                WhatInStartup -- Minds, like parachutes, function best when open. ,,,                       (o o)  / --------oOO--(_)--OOo--------------------\  | Wadï Mami didipostman  | Github :  | e-mail : /  |  Twitter : @MamiWad3  | \----------------------------------------/                           | |  | \---------------/ \------------------------/

Zenodo Community joined

Yesterday I joined Zenodo community as they celebrate 10 years birthday and there I shared my last 10  years thoughts    -- Minds, like parachutes, function best when open. ,,,                       (o o)  / --------oOO--(_)--OOo--------------------\  | Wadï Mami didipostman  | Github :  | e-mail : /  |  Twitter : @MamiWad3  | \----------------------------------------/                           | |  | \---------------/ \------------------------/

didipostman physics experience

The idea is haunting me since 2015 combining 2 physics experiences which are the young slits and photoelectric effect  how ?  The screen for Young slits will be a plate of Potassium and we vary light from red to blue smoothly and observ  e lectrons  mouvements and photons. I dont know what we obtain but I think that photons have mass which depends on frequency   of the light. I know it is at a certain frequency f of light photon eject electron the well known photoelectric effects but in this case of young slits will electron be ejected before reaching the frequency f for potassium for enlightened zone light interference -- Minds, like parachutes, function best when open. ,,,                       (o o)  / --------oOO--(_)--OOo--------------------\  | Wadï Mami didipostman  | Github :  | e-mail : /  |  Twitter : @MamiWad3  | \----------------------------------------/                           | |  | \---------

My New Idea on selling Books

  It is #NationalReadingMonth I #share with you my Idea : (*) create a platform an #amazon platform for Indie Authors unknown authors where they share their books and where readers can read them free if they #like a book then they can buy it I begin by myself to use this concept I share with you my book More than a book about chess an unusual funny book you can read it free if you like it buy it. Here my free links to it and here amazon world wide link you will read it at least twice -- Minds, like parachutes, function best when open. ,,,                       (o o)  / --------oOO--(_)--OOo--------------------\  | Wadï Mami didipostman  | Github :  | e-mail : /  |  Twitter : @MamiWad3  | \----------------------------------------/                           | |  | \---------------/ \------------------------/

ChatGPT and Einstein

To the following :"  E=hf (1)Einstein special relativity proven for astrophysics and particules (photon) f=1/T T must vary Lorentz transformation due to (1) T vary f vary, h Planck constant, E =hf, Then E vary, no more Energy conservation first physics postulate is wrong elsewhat h no more constant and vary in a way that keeps E constant elsewhat (1) is wrong even if it is proven by experience!!!!" ChatGPT answered : Einstein's theory of special relativity does indeed predict that the frequency of a photon (or any other particle) will vary due to Lorentz transformations. However, this does not mean that the first law of physics, the law of conservation of energy, is necessarily wrong. Instead, it means that the form of the energy is changed, not the total amount of energy. In the case of special relativity, the energy of a photon (E) is given by E = hf, where h is Planck's constant and f is the frequency of the photon. If the frequency changes due to Lorentz

Chat GPT and shutdown command for all Windows Systems

 To the Question :"shutdown command could be a vulnerability threat for all Windows systems ?" Chat GPT answered : " The "shutdown" command in Windows is not inherently a vulnerability threat to all Windows systems. However, like any tool or feature, it can be misused or exploited by malicious actors to cause harm to a system. For example, a hacker with sufficient access privileges to a system could use the "shutdown" command to cause a denial-of-service attack, rendering the system inaccessible. Additionally, if the hacker has the ability to run commands with elevated privileges, they could also use the "shutdown" command to hide evidence of their activities on the system before it is shut down. To mitigate these risks, it is important to follow good security practices, such as regularly updating your operating system and software, using strong passwords, and limiting the number of users with administrative access to a system. Additionally,

Me and ChatGPT what do you think human!!

 To the question : " Could Spring batch be the model describing how Crispr cas9 works" ChatGPT answered : " No, Spring Batch is a framework for developing and executing batch applications in the Java platform, while CRISPR-Cas9 is a genome editing tool that allows for targeted modification of DNA sequences. They are not related and cannot be used to describe the mechanism of CRISPR-Cas9." To the question :" Spring batch + karp rabin could be a model for dna damage repair" ChatGPT answered : " No, Spring Batch and the Karp-Rabin algorithm are not a model for DNA damage repair. Spring Batch is a software framework for batch processing, while the Karp-Rabin algorithm is a string matching algorithm. DNA damage repair is a complex biological process that involves multiple molecular mechanisms, including DNA damage recognition, signaling, and repair. These mechanisms cannot be described or modeled using a software framework or a string matching algorithm.&q

The definitive Explanation on how Spring Batch could may explain How Crispr cas9 Works

  The definitive Explanation on how Spring Batch could may explain How Crispr cas9 Works Author : Wadï Mami Date : 16/01/2023 Email : / Abstract Many people were not convinced about how Spring Batch could may explain how CRISPR Cas9 Works. In this following paper I will try to represent the Howto in more details with some changes to fit how CRISPR Cas9 Works as We will have 2 batchs one batch job for creating the CRISPR Arrays with input virus DNA data/DNA.csv and output the CRISPR Arrays in outputFile.csv . And the second Batch is the second phase disabling the virus by using input the CRISPR Arrays outputFile.csv and altering the virus DNA data/DNA.csv   The CRISPR arrays : Spring Batch is the bacteria The bacteria capture snippets of DNA from invading viruses and use them to create DNA segments known as CRISPR arrays  example private String dna_pattern = "AATTCC"; //snippets of DNA from invading viruses in   https:/